QUADRASTEP® Workforce System

What is the QUADRASTEP Workforce System? How does the QUADRASTEP Workforce System work?

QUADRASTEP® Workforce System

Why is it that people who work the same jobs, and stand on the same surfaces for the same lengths of time, almost always have different pain symptoms? Are you aware that the shape of a person’s feet can directly impact the musculoskeletal conditions they face throughout their lives?

While heavy workloads and highly repetitive tasks are common causes of workplace pain, an often overlooked reason has to do with our posture. And much like the foundation of a house, posture begins with how our feet interact with the ground. Foot biomechanics will directly impact the alignment of the knees, hips and the low back, potentially leading to painful conditions in all of these areas, especially for people who stand frequently at work.

If we can correct the biomechanics, we eliminate the root cause of the pain, which allows the body to heal. And healthy tissue is far more difficult to injure than tissue that is already damaged. Simultaneously, alleviating pain will improve morale, improve productivity, and make people less likely to seek other employment that might require less standing.

What Can be Done About it?

The industrial world has long turned to interventions such as soft, one-size-fits-all shoe insoles and anti-fatigue mats, while at the same time, the clinical world has had far more success with customized, motion control foot orthotics that effectively realign the body to eliminate pain and discomfort in the feet, knees, hips and low back.

Can we get the same results without the time and cost involved with custom inserts?

Yes! Now we can! The QUADRASTEP® WORKFORCE SYSTEM® is a patented semi-custom, prefabricated shoe insert system that uses a simple 4 step assessment method to identify 24 specific “foot types" in the adult population. These foot types are further be subdivided into ‘quads’ (group of 4 foot types), with each foot type within a ‘quad’ requiring a nearly identical type of correction. The quads all have a corresponding foot orthotic that is essentially a customized shoe insert that can effectively treat each specific foot type within that quad, including all the necessary recesses, cutouts, skives, flares, flanges, heel elevations and postings.

QUADRASTEP® orthoses are manufactured from a highly durable injection-molded thermoplastic compound which has a unique combination of strength with a "soft edge" feel to give incredible support while being so comfortable that within a few days of wearing them, your employees may find themselves pain free and forget they are there entirely!

The QUADRASTEP® WORKFORCE SYSTEM® provides truly corrective prefabricated foot orthotics (not just arch supports) that can bring immediate improvement to their symptoms! They are the closest you can get to a custom orthotic, without the expense and wait!

For more information on how the QUADRASTEP® WORKFORCE SYSTEM® will benefit your employees, and subsequently, your company’s bottom line.


Did You Know?
  • In 2022, the National Safety council reported that the average total cost of a single medically consulted injury was $44,000.
  • InOne study (2003) showed that 12.7% of the total workforce experienced more than 5 hours in lost productive time per week due to common pain symptoms. In a hypothetical setting of 1,000 employees, this equates to 600 hours per week of lost productive time!
  • Pain is an indicator of tissue damage. Allowing foot, knee, hip and back pain that arises from poor foot biomechanics to go unaddressed can predispose employees to MSD’s and costly work-related injuries.
  • The QUADRASTEP® WORKFORCE SYSTEM® can help eliminate pain, which allows damaged tissues to heal. This improves morale, improves productivity and saves you money by reducing medical expenses and lowering the risk of work related injuries.