How Do I Start?

**To place an order for QUADRASTEPS® Orthotics, you must submit a Referral from a qualified practitioner before ordering, or your corporate program discount code during the ordering process. If you place an order without a Referral or discount code, your order will not be shipped until you send the information to us.
If you do not have a Referral Code Click Here** and then you can proceed with assessment instructions below.

 First you need gather the materials we require in the Assessment Instructions. From there, you have 2 choices for assessment:


We assess the following five items to determine your foot type:

  • Arch height
  • The direction your toes point
  • The way you walk
  • Your calluses
  • Any relevant information you choose to share about your feet or symptoms

What Do We Need From You?

  • Pictures of your bare feet from the back
  • Pictures of your bare feet from the front
  • Pictures of your calluses
  • Videos of you walking

Your feet are unique. So, why settle for a generic foot orthotic? 

The QUADRASTEP SYSTEM® is based on the different structural and functional aspects of the foot, categorizing them into 6 specific foot "types". Each foot type influences not only how you walk, but the conditions and symptoms that may affect you throughout your life.

The QUADRASTEP SYSTEM® provides prefabricated Custom-to-Foot Type orthotics with the corrective features necessary to help improve any existing aches or pains and reduce your future risk of experiencing pain. Quadrastep foot orthotics offer the quality and benefits of a custom foot orthotic without the custom price tag.


“I was having a lot of foot, leg, and lower back pain.  My legs were always tired… Within the first few days after wearing the Quadrastep orthotics, I could tell right away that they were helping because the pain in my feet and legs was much less than before.  There’s really no comparison between my Quadrasteps and the many different over the counter orthotics that I’ve tried over the years.  It’s like night and day.” -MD, Abbott employee

“I’ve tried many different over the counter foot orthotics as well as a pair of custom orthotics and none of them did what they were supposed to do… Within a few days after trying a pair of Quadrastep foot orthotics, I was really surprised by how much better my knees and hips felt and how much more energy I had overall…It’s incredible! The Quadrastep orthotics have really improved the overall quality of my life.” -DH, Abbott employee

    To learn more about the 6 different foot types and the symptoms associated with each of them, please visit

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